Tuesday, March 10, 2009

XChange Solution Provider 2009 Conference

I’m here at the XChange conference talking with solution providers and fellow vendors about technology, the market, new opportunities and how to survive and grow in tough times.  It has been a great to hear a variety of business owners talk about what is working for them and what they need to continue to be successful.

I find myself talk about virtualization with a lot of people.  There is a strong interest in how virtualization can be leveraged in the small and mid-size business markets.  All of the major virtualization players (Citrix, Microsoft, Parallels and VMware) have packages and programs designed for the SMB.  The key to the success of virtualization in the SMB (IMHO) is the business math.  If virtualization solutions continue to cost more than traditional solutions for unrecognized value*, then virtualization will continue to exist primarily in the upper mid and enterprise markets. 

*I consider anything that a business owner does not recognize as a tangible benefit to be unrecognized value.  In my experience, businesses are reluctant (at best) to pay for things that do not give them something they can use to generate profits.

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Matt said...

Hi. This is Matt from Everything Channel, producers of the XChange Solution Provider conference. Thanks for the post about the event. I'm glad you're seeing lots of value in it from a virtualization perspective.

How are you finding the Twitter presence at XSP? It's our first rodeo with social media at our events, and I'd welcome your feedback. BTW, We're also planning to bring Twitter to RetailVision through our @retailvision_09 feed.

Take care,
Matt Donnelly
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